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Exceptionally Strong Coyote Sale


Exceptionally Strong Coyote Sale NAFA opened its February 2017 auction with one of the largest buyer attendances we have seen for a Coyote sale in the last 10 years. All major trimming markets competed aggressively and as expected, prices increased sharply for nearly all Western sections. In the Western Coyotes, price advances exceeded our expectations and resulted in the highest averages obtained over the last three years. Better colour Easterns also advanced and commercial sections sold, but did not experience the same price increases. Throughout the sale, better quality, paler skins were well sought after and Italy, Hong Kong, Canada and mainland China were the main buyers. RESULTS FOR FRESH SUNDRY OWNER GOODS ONLY All prices in USD The Top Lot of Coyote was purchased by Rebellato Graziano S.A.S of Italy for $46o.

Coyote OFFERED SALES % SECTION AVERAGE TOP PRICE 32,220 100 Heavy $107.16 $460.00 100 Semi $38.15 $72.00 100 Eastern $47.23 $122.00 100 Section III $15.35

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17-02-09 NORTH AMERICAN FUR AUCTIONS | 65 SKYWAY AVE, TORONTO, ON | 416.675.9320 | WWW.NAFA.CA February 9, 2017

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