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How to Videos

Attaching MB Slide Wires 

Short clip on how to attached MB Slide Wires for drowning setup.

Trappers Caps

Short videos on how to use trappers caps.

Comparing the Dogproof Raccoon Traps

This video will compare the differences between a variety of Dogproof traps including the Bridger T3, Duke DP, ZTrap, FB1, FB2, Griz, and Dagger

Storing Lures, Baits, and Urines 

This will show you how we store our animal lures, animal baits, and animal urines for season to season. 

Skunk  Sleeper

How to use the Barker's Skunk Sleeper

Setting a Coilspring Trap with Setters

This video will show you how to set a coilspring trap using the Bridger Coilspring Trap Setters.

Adjusting Pan Tension

Learn how to adjust pan tension by watching this. You will see how to adjust trap pan tension on a variety of different trap designs. 

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