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Our Tanned Fur

You can rest assured when purchasing tanned fur from Minnesota Trapline Products Inc. that the grading and sizing is true and proper. Our ever growing tanned fur business is a result of being in the business for 38 years and learning from the best furriers in Italy, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States. If our customers want extra dark, super silky wild mink we know where they are in Labrador and how to get them. Besides buying at the auctions in Toronto and North Bay we have developed a network of suppliers from Alaska, Yukon, Labrador, and all across the lower states. We know where the best fur is and know the dealers and trappers who own it.

Whether you are wanting one pelt for the wall or 15 matched skins for a jacket we can handle it. We also keep a large inventory of craft quality tanned skins for those that make fur accessories or are fly tiers. Schools and environmental learning centers have become a large part of our tanned fur business. We specialize in assisting educators with affordable hands on pelts for student education. Whether you are looking for a particular pelt for your office wall, a coyote to make your own hat, or a matched bundle to have a special garment made, lean on our experience. Proudly handling the worlds best fur since 1978.

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