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Adjusting Pan Tension on the MB-550

Rob’s Tip on Adjusting the Pan Tension on MB-550’s Although the MB-550 traps come out of the box with approximately 3 lbs. of pan tension, some trappers have inquired about how to adjust the trap to a lower tension.

To the right you will see how easy and permanent it is to adjust the tension. The MB-550 and MB-450 incorporate a Paws-I-Trip pan system. These systems are tension adjustable by bending the dog up or down. To decrease pan tension simply bend the dog down. Each 5 degree’s you bend the dog down you will achieve approximately a ½ pound less of tension.

We recommend bending the dog from ¼” to ½” from the notch end.

The pictures below show a stock trap on the top and on the bottom a trap with a dog bent approximately 10 degrees to achieve 2 lbs. of pan tension.


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